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South West exhibition design practice H3D produces European launch for Web security company FireEye. Experiential designer Stuart Hookway partners with FireEye to produce Infosec launch event. Exhibitors choice, best stand in show.

The Cornwall based exhibition designer Stuart Hookway working closely with FireEye’s marketing team produce their European launch event at Infosecurity. Europe’s premier Internet security event held at London’s Earls Court.

FireEye offers the internet security industry’s only solution that detects and blocks malicious attacks via Web and email, as well as malware (malicious software) that sits in shared files like PDF’s. Here are some of the things they protect you from – MPS, Zero-day attack, APT’s, Spear-phishing and Advanced threats. In layman’s terms they stop your company’s computers from being attacked or infected by anything nasty coming into them via the Internet.

From a commercial design viewpoint is always a good starting point for any project to be working with a company that knows where it is going. If there is a vibrant approach and tangible forward momentum I can jump into their river and move with them. FireEye though has an irresistible tide. Sarah Woods (FireEye’s EMEA marketing director) said this at our first project meeting.
“If any potential customer tells us that they don’t need our services, then they just haven’t understood what we do. They don’t get it. So we need to explain what we do more clearly. It is a no brainer …… Every company needs FireEye. Everyone who comes through that show door needs our help. We must talk to everyone.”

Talk to everyone became the line that stuck and it translated into an open stand space with a simple illuminated logo backdrop that the FireEye team could work from. Just prior to Infosec FireEye had exhibited at RSA in San Francisco, so we decided to translate the corporate look from that show through to the UK. Even so, it required a substantial constructive rework for it to have a chance of holding it’s own next to European competitors. They needed a dynamic presentation, so the biggest single-image plasma screen we could find, (103 inches and 220kg of it), was placed centre stage. To go with the plasma we needed someone to present the FireEye story. Sarah chose David Suchet and he did a superb job. Add to that the unavoidable sales team on the front line and EVERYONE was talked to.
I am not sure if FireEye’s competitors knew what hit them. When I walked around the show there were some big industry players with nothing happening around them. By contrast the FireEye area was vibrant and noisy. It felt like the happening area of the show. The extra input by the guys at FireEye is an illustration of how to make the most of an exhibition. A well conceived stand is the foundation. Couple that with a great product, punchy presentations, friendly staff interaction and some fun (must mention FireEye man, see photos) and you have a winner.

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